About us

We are a small family run business which has evolved through our love of cats, Bengals in particular.

We have three Bengals Eric, Ellie and Tigger, in our family home who are affectionly called The Mob.

We have had Bengals for many years and because of their playful energetic nature we have made many different cat poles all of which have lasted many years.

With the arrival of The Mob in December 2013 we quickly realised we needed more than just a cat pole to entertain them, more so because they are indoor cats and need exercise.

So with this in mind we combined the skills of Dave a joiner/cabinet maker and Sonja a Decorative Painter and so Pole Cat Designs and the products shown within this web site came into existence.

The poles

The concept behind our cat poles is a modular system which can be adapted to suit the needs of your cat and your budget.

With a few simple parts the cat pole begins and is ideal for young kittens. With the addition of extra sections and platforms the cat pole grows and becomes the ideal playstation for your cat. Then add a bed section and watch your cat survey all they own from upon high.

All the components are hand made in our own Hertfordshire workshop. The timber components are made from 18mm Birch Plywood finished in a clear matt lacquer.

The individual pieces are then hand strung in a strong 8mm sisal Rope which is bonded to the timber components using industrial hot melt glue.

The only limitations to this system is your imagination. We can produce customized parts for your cat pole system to make it even more unique.